Why Do They Call It Work?

Just like all who wander are not lost, not all who are employed, work. No, I am not referring to your lazy co-worker who manages to do as little as possible. I am referring to those visionaries out there who have figured out a way to do what they love, and get paid for it.

Stop rolling your eyes. I am serious.Β 

There is a way to do what you love and pay the bills. There is a way to find joy in your vocation. There is a way to turn your calling into a career. Most of us spend more time at “work” than we do at “home” and most of us are miserable.

Why is that?

Most of us adults are brain-washed into believing we have to settle. It’s true. But things don’t begin this way. At first, we pick what interests us. Remember that obsession you had with playing the clarinet? You knew you were destined for Julliard and it turns out, it was simply a passing fancy, as was playing the saxophone and cello. Then there was soccer, or maybe baseball. And then you pepper in an art class here and there. Looking back, you tried it all and it shaped who you are.

Then for most, it’s off to college where there is some room for exploration, but soon you are faced with a multiple choice list of majors. You pick what you think you will enjoy. You select what speaks to you. And then…you hope for the best.

Within 4-6 years, you are certified as an expert in your chosen field, given the paper to prove it. And this is when it all starts. You look for jobs. Sometimes, you find the perfect career.

Sometimes you don’t. And there you are with bills to pay and mouths to feed. You are trapped on the hamster wheel. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can find the perfect career. You can do what moves you.

You can be one of “those people” who never work a day in their life, because they truly love what they do.

The only difference between you and them, is that they don’t settle.

Why should you?

steve jobs

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4 thoughts on “Why Do They Call It Work?

  1. An awesome post. I think that’s where I went wrong, but the baby came and the bills had to be paid. You know how that is… but after a long road I’m getting on track and it doesn’t require any of my degrees! πŸ™ƒπŸ™„πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†. Love you girl πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


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