Career Paths for CNA’s

CNA’s now have more career opportunities than ever. All certified nurses aide programs teach students how to provide direct patient care, and many programs are now offering additional training designed to broaden the career path of the CNA.

Here are 5 career opportunities for certified nursing assistants.

1. Restorative Aide

Restorative Aides work in tandem with nursing and rehabilitation. These specialized aides assist patients/resident by helping them maintain their highest level of independence. These position are typically in long-term/skilled nursing care. Restorative aides are trained to do range of motion exercises, assist with transfers, assist patients with ambulation and help with feeding/monitoring patients who are special diets. These positions are great for CNA’s who enjoy hands-on patient care and have an energetic personality.

CNA picture-1

2. Unit Clerk

Unit Clerks help the nurses stations run smoothly.  From responding to call lights at the desk, helping distribute faxes, lab reports and communicating with the nurses, this position is best for someone who enjoys multi-tasking. Organization and clerical skills are a must.

Portrait Of Female Nurse Working At Nurses Station

3.  Activities Assistant

For fun-loving CNA’s, working as an activities/recreation assistant is a dream job. From helping the activities director plan daily events, to coordinating the day’s offerings, this job puts you in spotlight to delight and entertain residents and patients. This position is perfect for a creative mind who enjoys social settings.

Portrait of happy female nurse reading book for senior man at nu

4. Healthcare Concierge

This job is perfect for hospitable, customer service-focused CNA’s that enjoy elevating patient experience. A healthcare concierge acts as a liaison to newly admitted patients/residents in a post-acute setting. They are there to make sure the transition from hospital to rehabilitation center or nursing home is a smooth one. From getting new admissions an extra pillow, to helping the family navigate their new surroundings, this position is becoming increasingly popular as healthcare and hospitality merge together.

5. Scheduling Coordinator

For CNA’s who love a fast pace and thrive under stressful conditions, being a staffing coordinator is for you! This position is responsible for the day-to-day scheduling of employees in a healthcare setting. If someone calls out of work for the day, it’s the responsibility of the scheduling coordinator to find someone to cover the open shift. It is a constant challenge, but very rewarding. Note: it may require on-call hours.

These are just a few examples of alternate positions, perfect for CNAs.  There are many more opportunities for certified nursing assistants in a variety of healthcare settings. Check our current openings page for these positions and many more.

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